If you use JWTs (JSON web tokens) and need to generate or consume them in .NET, you might get the idea that the Microsoft library listed on JWT.io is the way to go. It’s by Microsoft, that means it’s official and trustworthy, right?

Don’t be fooled! I mean, it is official and trustworthy, but I had a horrible time trying to use it. Save yourself the trouble and use jose-jwt if you need to handle JWTs in .NET. The readme alone is a thing of beauty, it has a shockingly comprehensive set of examples for pretty much everything you would ever want to do with a JWT. The library really is as easy to use as the examples make it look. I was able to generate a JWT with it in just a few minutes and as you might have guessed from my posts about switching to Linux, my .NET experience is extremely out of date :)

Learn from my mistakes, just use jose-jwt and pretend you never heard of the Microsoft library.