Mel Reams


Ember tip of the day

If you happen to find some example code that elegantly solves your exact¬†problem, check which version of Ember it uses. Sometimes that perfect example is a few versions ahead and will do absolutely nothing for you. If you’re smarter than I am and check the version number right away, you can save yourself a good half hour of cleaning, rebuilding, and cursing.

On the upside, if you need to iterate over a map with {{#each foo in bar}}, you can hammer together a workaround using Ember.keys(map) – but again, only if you have the right version of ember. Ember.keys() was deprecated in 1.13, use Object.keys() instead if your version of Ember is later than 1.13.


Ember tip of the day

If you use Ember.js and you need to update¬†one element of an array inside you rmodel, you need to use the .replace() method. Getting and updating your array will not work, neither will trying to use this.set(‘model.array[index]’). Ember won’t register your changes unless you call the .replace() method, so do that :)

And yes, I’m writing this blog post to remind myself, I spent a good hour or two earlier this week trying to figure out why Ember wouldn’t re-render anything when I tried to update part of my model.

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