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Link of the day

Hey nerds are you taking care of yourselves? Check out this great list of self care resources for devs and others. Even if you already feel good, it’s worth taking a look at. I mean, it wouldn’t exactly be terrible if you felt even better now would it ;)

Talk of the day

I really enjoyed this keynote from PyCon 2015 by Jacob Kaplan-Moss and I think you will too. He makes a really great point in particular about how statistically, the vast majority of us are average programmers. That’s why they call it average! As much as we’d all like to be amazing programmers, I find something really comforting in knowing that realistically, I’m a perfectly normal programmer and so are you, particularly.. Read More

Link of the day

We talk all the time about how often code is read vs written and how important it is to be good at reading code, but I’ve hardly ever seen anyone talk about how to get good at reading code. This excellent slide deck by Josh Matthews called How to Read Unfamiliar Code is one of the only times I’ve ever seen anyone even address learning how to read unfamiliar code, and it has a great.. Read More

Link of the day

One of the hardest parts of programming is when you’re just starting out and don’t even know the word for what you want to google. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of all the words and phrases you needed to know to even ask an intelligible question? Of course it would be unspeakably boring to read but that’s beside the point :) If you’re interested in functional.. Read More

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