Not so long ago, I wrote a post about my first impressions of Linux as a Windows user. A while after that, I booted back into Windows to get some files and oh god Windows is a terrible shock after you’ve gotten used to Linux.

To be fair, my Windows installation at home has fallen prey to the 100% disk usage bug, which means that every reboot I have to patiently wait until task manager deigns to load and I can kill processes until my computer starts working again, so Windows made a perhaps unfairly terrible first impression.

I will, however, blame Windows for their terrible update process. On Linux, I just tell the update manager to go ahead and install whatever updates it found and I go back to work while it takes care of things for me. It’s only been a few weeks, but I forgot how terrible the Windows update process is. Not only does my computer grind to a near halt while it’s installing updates, but it has to restart to finish installing the updates and it’s completely unusable while does that. And after installing the first batch of updates, it’s not unusual to find another batch that depended on the first one and have to go through the whole miserable process all over again. Ugh.

A good 20 minutes of updating later, the problem I was trying to solve (yay 100% disk usage, that’s not inconvenient at all) was still happening and I was sick of screwing around with Windows.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t go back to Windows once you’re used to Linux, it’ll just make you sad.