I have a bit of a tab problem. Just now I have 31 tabs open in Chrome. I could tell you I’m going to get that under control, but that would be a lie. I like the way Chrome handles tabs but they do eat up a lot of memory if you have a ridiculous number of them open. Fortunately, my problem is so common that there’s a Chrome extension to fix it: The Great Suspender. The Great Suspender does what you would expect from the name, it suspends your inactive tabs by doing some sort of magic that unloads your page but saves the url so you can reload it almost instantly when you’re ready. You can manually suspend tabs that you know you won’t use for a while or you can let it automatically suspend them when they’ve been inactive for long enough. It’s been great for memory usage and I really like not having to wait for all my tabs to load every time I restart Chrome.


If you’ve given up on controlling your tab habit, give The Great Suspender a try. And donate a couple bucks to the creator if it helps you.