If you didn’t already vote in the advance polls, get out there and vote! Remember, if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain about the government ;)

If you’re not sure who to vote for, have a look at these 25 reasons Harper is bad for Canada, or Harper Watch, or shit harper did. Or just look at the news lately. If that’s not a reason to vote Anyone But Conservative, what is?

But wait, there’s more! In terms of reasons to vote for anyone else, Harper is the gift that keeps on giving:

Harper’s “old stock Canadians” line is downright racist and xenophobic

Harper: Niqabs ‘Rooted In A Culture That Is Anti-Women’

A detailed timeline of Stephen Harper’s weird, racially divided vision of Canada

The day Canada’s white supremacists saluted Stephen Harper

Harper’s proposed terrorism travel ban borders on racism: Toronto activist

Harper’s new Australian spin doctor is a raging anti-immigrant racist

Stephen Harper’s War On Women

Stephen Harper’s comments on missing, murdered aboriginal women show ‘lack of respect’

Canada’s Prime Minister Refuses To Take Additional Refugees After Backlash Over Drowned Syrian Boy

Premiers Say Ottawa Cutting Health Funding By $36 Billion Over 10 Years

C-51 will remake Canada in Harper’s paranoid image

It’s official – second class citizenship goes into effect

Harper Named World’s ‘Worst Climate Villain’ After Damning Report

Thanks to the All the Canadian Politics tumblr for that list of links.

Obviously you have the right to make up your own mind, but those are some pretty compelling arguments to vote Harper out. I am not going to pretend every political party is equally good for Canada when that is just not true. If you agree that anyone but Harper would be better, votetogether.ca will tell you which candidate in your riding has the best chance of beating the conservative candidate.