As a person who takes the bus to work and has trouble reading in moving vehicles (motion sickness sucks), I’m a big fan of podcasts. My favourite tech podcast is Hanselminutes. It’s run by Scott Hanselman, a programmer, teacher, and speaker, to directly rip off his about page.

Hanselminutes is my favourite tech podcast because of the variety of topics and guests and Scott’s skill at interviewing. He’s had guests come talk about everything from data visualization to funding open source to getting started making video games, and no matter what they’re talking about the conversation always flows smoothly. It could be that Scott is amazing at picking guests and editing out the awkward bits, but I think he deserves some credit for being able to guide a conversation like that too :)

If you like podcasts at all and don’t already listen to it, give Hanselminutes a try. You can find it on iTunes or just by searching for Hanselminutes (yay for unique podcast names!) in any Android podcast app.