Link of the day: Decision-making matrix

One of the problems that really interests me lately is decision-making. Specifically, how teams can make decisions without wasting a ton of time going back and forth about what they’re going to do, and how they can prevent time-thieves from re-opening decisions they weren’t happy with. The simple matrix described in This Matrix Helps Growing Teams Make Great Decisions at First Round Review seems like a fantastic alternative to endless.. Read More

Link of the day: Sunset testing for short-lived code

Today’s link is about a way to make sure you actually remember to remove that code you need for now but not forever: Sunset testing for short-lived code by Emily Nakashima I like this link because even though I rely on computers to remember things for me a lot, I never thought of adding a test with an expiry date to force me to remember to remove code, or at.. Read More

Terrible ironies of programming: feeling stupid

There are a bunch of bitterly ironic things about the software industry. Let’s talk about one of them! Programmers love to feel smart and chose a profession that makes us feel stupid all the freaking time. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like feeling smart but let’s be honest, programmers really like feeling smart. So many of us were weird nerds as kids and being smart was the one thing.. Read More