Tip of the day

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? Haven’t started? A really convenient last minute gift is giving to charity in your gift-getter’s name. CharityWatch has a great list of trustworthy charities and GiveWell will give your donations directly to the charities that they’ve found to be the most effective. Or you could just go to the liquor store if you’re not worried about looking classy ;)

Talk of the day

For anyone who wants to be a better coder, whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, Saron Yitbarek’s talk Learning Code Good has a ton of great tips.

Talk of the day

So it turns out there are a lot of keynotes I like, and one of them is from Keep Ruby Weird 2015 by Sandi Metz. Fair warning, parts of that talk hard to listen to – she plays recordings from an old psychological experiment that would absolutely never pass ethical review today. However, even if you skip that part (she warns you when the hard bits are coming up), there are.. Read More